World’s Most Trusted Companies Award is an instant identity which is one of its kind. Since last few years, our prestigious award has garnered a plethora of impeccable positive reviews, accolades and world-wide recognition for the winning companies.


Being recognized as World’s Most Trusted Company empowers your business to expand and grow multi-fold in all dimensions. This enables the corporate top leadership imbibe a strong confidence in business growth, strengthens the operations and promotes exponential business expansion across various geographies.


The best part of your impact is employee retention and reduced attrition. Your employees have a better connect and are highly motivated to work in such an organization which is impactful and creates a global presence with its work and delivery excellence. Employees feel a greater satisfaction, improved job security and aim for a decent career growth with your company. The consequence is a better place to work, improved brand over the years with strong work culture and motivated work force.


Winning this award will also provide a security for your business to sustain during turbulent times. With strong slowdown during COVID-19 phase, businesses have been on all time low due to lack of customer engagement and reduced stakeholder interest. However, with this award your company can sustain such hard situations with confidence and continue to deliver with higher productivity and continued customer insight. What more can be rewarding than this!!


One of the biggest concern area for business growth is customer retention. With new companies, new emerging trends every now and then, there is a high chance that customers may get diverted to new companies with cheaper cost options. Winning this award will help to retain existing customers and create new business offerings for your company. Customers get attracted to a high brand value & goodwill of the organisation, tend to continue and renew businesses with such brands and our award winners have all possibility to create a difference in this regard altogether.


Attract new and fresh talents to your existing work force with the global impact of winning this award. There is an automatic trend change that is expected to happen when talented and skilled work force will get attracted towards your company. Your company excels in productivity, operations, delivery and gets a higher position in the business ecosystem.


The award logo and title act as a catalyst for the winning organization. With the right strategic marketing, a company can gain new clients, suppliers and stakeholders. Overall, business gains a massive exposure and with the help of right tools many deals can be made and new partnership emerges. Right exposure is very necessary and this title paves the way towards incredible success and bright future.


  1. Award Logo Usage Entitlement: Winning this award will entitle your organization to use the Award Logo for all media outlets, publications, websites, social media sites TV Ads, brochures, banners and any other medium of communication as per your convenience. Our 2021 brand logo and brand usage will accelerate your company’s popularity, growth and customer engagement over time. You are entitled to use the 2021 Awards logo for the period of one year from the date of winning the award in all of your media and marketing tools.
  2. Certificate of Merit: Winners will be awarded with a Digital Award Merit Certificate accompanied with all the required tool kit for promotion once the award ceremony gets completed. The digital certificate will be captioned with the title – “World’s Most Trusted Companies 2021”
  3. Media Kit: A comprehensive media kit consisting of various forms of Award Logos and an exclusive press release copy which can be leveraged for marketing purposes. Media kit is one of the most handy tools that can be used for any promotional campaign or events within and outside your organization.
  4. Company Profile Publishing: IBC Team will publish your company profile on an International news portal (with upto 1000 words content size) along with Portfolio / Pictures of the company’s Chairman / CEO / President. We believe this step will commemorate your company’s achievements and provide maximum global out reach.
  5. Company A/V Publishing: A 2-minute A/V clip of your Chairman / CEO / President is published on a leading International News Portal with details of your business message, goals, vision, mission and message towards viewers and global consumers.
  6. IBC Website Publishing: Team IBC will publish the Logo of the winning organizations on its awards website as a part of the publicity arrangement.
  7. Social Media Platform Publishing: All the information about winning companies along with related A/V, messages, profile and other details will be published across the leading Social Media Websites to provide maximum media and consumer coverage globally.