This year owing to the restrictions on account of the ongoing COVID 19 Global Pandemic, IBC has come up with an innovative approach in organizing the World’s Most Trusted Companies Awards 2021. We have taken special consideration to the safety of our clients, stakeholders, staff and have come up with this digital approach. We are going 100% ONLINE and DIGITAL. Winners will be awarded with digital award certificates along with media kit and other benefits as well.
The sole motto of the Awards ceremony remains the same, to honour the best performing and most deserving companies who have made excellent contribution and value adds in their own field of expertise and work space.

The selection along with the nomination process comprises of a 5-stage evaluation cycle.
Stage – 1 – The Nominations: This is the 1st step of taking the leap towards the great initiative. To nominate your company or a third-party company, please visit the Nomination section in our website and fill the details in the form embedded in the web page.
Stage – 2 – Initial Screening: Post filling the nominations, our screening team performs an extensive validation of your form with all the data fields. Eligibility criteria is thoroughly analysed and application form is shortlisted for further scrutiny. Your nomination is tagged and categorized based on the line of business (LOB) and geography.
Stage – 3 – Evaluation: All the qualified application forms are taken over to this phase of scrutiny. Our team of highly skilled professionals and industry champions carefully evaluate applications based on a multi-point parameterized scoring regime. Some of the key parameters chosen for evaluation phase are – Leadership, Innovation, Operational efficiency, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Business Delivery Excellence, Stakeholder communication and delight, social and economic impact across operating perimeters, corporate status, employee retention and attrition.
Stage – 4 – Jury Scoring: The penultimate and the most crucial deciding stage in the 5 stage selection process is the Jury Scoring. Eminent personalities who are leaders and experts in their respective fields such as Media, Mass Communication, Corporates, Finance, Business are a board to the Jury Panel. This step decides the rating of the companies for the winning position.
Stage – 5 – Winner Declaration: The final stage of the selection process is completed with the combined evaluation and score calculation from the IBC Research Team and the Jury Panel. The winner of the World’s Most Trusted Companies Award is chosen based on the highest aggregate score rolled up from both the Panels at IBC.

For more details please visit the Selection Page in our website.

World’s Most Trusted Companies Award is an instant identity which is one of its kind. Since last few years, our prestigious award has garnered a plethora of impeccable positive reviews, accolades and world-wide recognition for the winning companies.

  1. Being recognized as World’s Most Trusted Companies empowers your business to expand and grow multi-fold in all dimensions.
  2. The best part of your impact is employee retention and reduced attrition. Your employees have a better connect and are highly motivated to work with such an organization which is impactful and creates a global presence with its work and delivery excellence.
  3. Winning this award will also provide a security for your business to sustain during turbulent times.
  4. Winning this award will help to retain existing customers and create new business offerings for your company. Customers get attracted to a high brand value, tend to continue and renew businesses with such brands and our award winners have all possibility to create a difference in this regard altogether.
  5. Attract new and fresh talents to your existing work force with the global impact of winning this award.

For more details please visit the Benefits Page in our website.

IBC has been consistently recognized globally as a key player to enhance businesses and companies to achieve high productivity, boost innovation, streamline operations and promote stakeholder delight. Consequently, such awards at Corporate level are of paramount importance to emerging and established businesses to showcase their achievements, challenges to the real world. Getting global recognition and wide spread publicity with required mileage and out reach is facilitated with such Corporate level events and awards. IBC precisely does the same using the World’s Most Trusted Companies award format.

Nomination to this Award platform is absolutely free of cost. It takes only few minutes of your time to fill-in the details of your nominated company in our website. In case your company wins the prestigious award, a one-time nominal fee of USD 1000 for registration and award logo usage needs to be paid to IBC for a tenure of 1 year. The fee levied includes the research and evaluation charges and empowers us to continue with the awards selection process every year. Your contribution would be extremely valuable for us and the entire business fraternity involved in the selection and evaluation process.

For more details please visit the Nomination Page in our website.