Selection Process

World’s Most Trusted Companies Awards provides a unique opportunity which is one of its kind to organizations and business around the world across various diversities, geographies and sizes. If your business has a unique story to tell, has high customer potential and strives for delivery and stakeholder excellence, our platform is the most apt opportunity for you.

We heartly welcome nominations from various sectors and industries who have created a value towards economic and societal development and have a distinctive vision, thought provoking mission to solve any problems for the world. Get your company name nominated for the most awaited prestigious award of the year 2021.

Our selection process is highly fair, authentic and transparent. We have the most experienced set of Juries who carefully examine the nominations and take forward with the selection process every year. Our goal is to ensure the best organization / industry gets awarded who is able to outshine its peers in terms of multi-dimensional parameters such as delivery, innovation, practices, operations, capability, expansion, vision and mission, economic, social impact and value adds to name a few.

We provide a deep dive on the multi-stage wise selection process for this prestigious award programme:

Stage – 1 – The Nominations

This is the 1st step of taking the leap towards the great initiative. To nominate your company or a third-party company, please visit the Nomination section in our website and fill the details in the form embedded in the web page. Information on qualification criteria can be found out in this section as well.

Stage – 2 – Initial Screening

Post filling the nominations, our screening team performs an extensive validation of your form with all the data fields. Eligibility criteria is thoroughly analysed and application form is shortlisted for further scrutiny. Your nomination is tagged and categorized based on the line of business (LOB) and geography. Once your form gets approved in this stage, it enters the evaluation phase.

Stage – 3 – Evaluation:

The third step in the entire selection process is the evaluation phase. All the qualified application forms are taken over to this phase of scrutiny. Our team of highly skilled professionals and industry champions carefully evaluate applications based on a multi-point parameterized scoring regime. Some of the key parameters chosen for evaluation phase are – Leadership, Innovation, Operational efficiency, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Business Delivery Excellence, Stakeholder communication and delight, social and economic impact across operating perimeters, corporate status, employee retention and attrition.
Based on the above evaluation parameters a comprehensive research team scale rating (1-10) is assigned to the nominated companies.

Stage – 4 – Jury Scoring:

The penultimate and the most crucial deciding stage in the 5 stage selection process is the Jury Scoring. Eminent personalities who are leaders and experts in their respective fields such as Media, Mass Communication, Corporates, Finance, Business are a board to the Jury Panel. The highly experienced jury panel carefully analyse and evaluate the shortlisted companies on a Jury scale of 1-10. This step decides the rating of the companies for the winning position.

Stage – 5 – Winner Declaration:

The final stage of the selection process is completed with the combined evaluation and score calculation from the IBC Research Team and the Jury Panel. The winner of the World’s Most Trusted Companies Award is chosen based on the highest aggregate score rolled up from both the Panels at IBC. The aggregate score must be a minimum of 7 or above for a company to qualify as a winner.
IBC management committee & the jury reserves the decision of choosing the finalists and the award winner based on a fair and factual judgement with the highly experienced team of professionals who are best in their own fields of businesses. The decision made is final and binding and is not subject to change under any terms and conditions.